Congrats on the new forum


Congrats on this guys. Hope it goes well. If I can be of any hope yell.

Tim - M0THM


Glad you could make it over. Excited to see where this goes, and thank you for being a Citizen!


Nice idea; so far the implementation looks good. Although I often times babble on; I look forward to imposing my thoughts on any who might want to listen. :sunglasses:


This is the perfect place for longer-form babbling, conversation and ideas. A bit better than Discord or YouTube comments I think.


Hey hey, I’ll give this a go. That moment when you have to choose a profile picture, but can’t find where all your previous profile pictures live… and everything is too big to upload! Still trying to figure out this social media thing, thought I could just log in the same way as on but had to go through Patreon instead.


I think the Forum is a great idea…