Community Curated Youtube Playlists

I watch A LOT of Youtube. Some of my favourite Youtubers have a bunch of playlists they create and display on their channel page, so that viewers can easily pick a certain topic and learn all about it.

I was thinking maybe it would be cool to do something similar. We have the current Orbit and Discovery playlists, which is great for people wanting to catch up on missed episodes or binge the current season - but what about someone wanting to learn more about Small Satellite Launchers or Interplanetary Missions?

I was hoping the community would like to help by suggesting your favorite or relevant TMRO interviews about particular topics. Also, feel free to suggest some topics.

I’ll start a list of topics here and edit it to include cool topics you suggest. Please also suggest videos and I’ll add them to the new playlists!

Space Topics:
-Small Satellite Launchers
-Interplanetary Missions

STEAM Topics: (A bit hard right now as we only have 16 total episodes)

I had a similar idea in another thread. There’s a pile of video links there.