China space videos



This is awesome! I can’t tell you how much I struggle to get Chinese launches for LaunchMinute each week! More specifically :60 worth of usable footage!


Have you noticed them concealing take off footage?
Hypogolics ignition color is secret? Or launch mechanism? Patent issue or amazing new invention?


A Long March 3C lifted off from Xichang, carry the TJS-3


Internet of things via Chinese space wifi



Landspace 2018


launch of a Long March 2D carrying the Hongyan-1 LEO Wi-Fi communications satellite


37 launches for 2018


Chinese moonlanding… I’m not sure where this is sourced from. A lot of it is animations. I wonder how much coverage it got in China.




More on moon thread-



Just so awesome … wish they would sort out the problems that would allow the US to relax their stance imagine what could be accomplished




Long March 3B | Zhongxing 2D (Chinasat 2D) launching from Xichang Satellite Launch Center, People’s Republic of China by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation


Jilin-1 Spectrum 01/02, Lingque-1A and Xiaoxiang-1 03 satellites



Good to see private space enterprise in China. Odd that we don’t see this in Russia.





More launches planned

Next moon mission

Long march 7 to fly in july


Design private launch from one-space

Next stack ready for launch


Long March 8 is expected to fly 2020