Chang'e 4 images


First 360° panorama of Chang’e 4 landing site:



It’s nice, how during landing CE4 hovers for a while to select best spot for touchdown.
NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will do this for the first time on Red planet.

Better versions of lander & rover portraits:

Interactive look-around panorama

An hour long discussion about Chang’e 4 from CGTN:



The first circle panoramic, the 640x640 one is Chang’e 3 taken December of 2013


Biological Test Science payload


Context for landing spot:


Analysis of landing maneuver by Scott Manley:

Explanation of landing sequence by Zhang Hongbo:


I watched a landing video of the Chang’e and it appears that it is just hovering for periods of time “in orbit”. How is that possible. The moon has gravity. Was the hovering at high altitude powered? Or was this me simply mis-interpreting what I was seeing?


Yes, spacecraft did hover during descent (not in orbit though, that’s not possible from definition). It looked on the ground to find safe spot for landing and then continued there.
Engines were powered on during hover, of course, otherwise spacecraft would have free-fall down.


Lots of great material with the landing video, rover rollout, panorama, even as it’s trickling out of CNSA. Quite disappointed that TMRO didn’t talk about Chang’e-4 at all yesterday



Comparison of Chang’e 3 and Chang’e 4 landing sites:


Comparison of the landings.


Yesterday’s press conference with simultaneous english translation: