BOINC Processing Team?


Hi all … I am finally getting around to putting BOINC back on my machines … is there a TMRO Team i can join … or for that matter should we start one?? Maybe we can help out some of the guests :slight_smile:


There is not a team, but if you want to start one and get me the details, I can maybe add that to the end of a show?


Just curious… so I will ask the question that others might also have. Does BOINC refer to this? If so, how are you suggesting it be leveraged?


@Freda yes that BOINC and what do you mean by leveraged?
@Bencredible will get it done and the details to you


If you do start a BOINC team let me know the details, I currently run SETI@Home on my laptop.


Just been looking into it … they suggest Here that the team be set up with it’s own e-mail address to avoid spam issues … so I was wondering if @Bencredible would be willing to setup … i will be more than hapy to handle the small amount of work involved in setting it all up :slight_smile: after all once its done and the details posted on say here there is little else to do.


@M0THM-Tim_McConnell Yep, just curious how TMRO would take advantage, or use, distributed computing. From what I see, BOINC would apply to things like deep mathematical analysis of signal data, intensive aerodynamic modeling, large dataset tweaking, and other gigantic, heavy-weight things like that.

So, yes, I’m just curious if TMRO has a use for this? Or is it just to raise the general citizen-interest in distributed computing? Either answer is fun, and would capture my geek-interest. I will investigate installing BOINC.


So the way I see it we have guests on who are involved with research … we all are interested in science … seems like its a way we could as a group give back. By doing it as a tmro team all the cpu time we give is recorded to that team so we can see just how much we as a community are helping. So as a gain something for TMRO I’m not sure there is a gain as such; As an interesting application of distributed computing and a good thing to do as a community I think it’s worthwhile.

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@M0THM-Tim_McConnell, great! I am onboard. Let us know when there is a TMRO team. :rocket::rocket:

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As per the BOINC site have just e-mailed David Anderson the following

Hi David,

I am a follower and pateron of the TMRO show ( A few of us followers would like to start a team to help with the science we love so much. Please see the thread where I suggested this here. I noticed that on the BOINC site it says to contact you fro starting such a team. Could you please inform what process you would like to follow. I will be more than happy to start a separate Gmail account; Depending on server space and response we may set up a account down the road. If this is no longer available please let me know and we will have to have a discussion inside our forums as to setting up teams with each project.


Tim McConnell M0THM

So now wait and see.