Blue Origin posted video of a BE-4 engine test



Amazing :smiley:
Is that a methane/oxygen ?
Maybe do You know what the specific impulse is on that beast ?


I believe yes it’s Methane/Oxygen. I have no idea what the ISP is.


Blockquote Two BE-4 engines, generating 550,000 pounds of thrust each, will power the Vulcan’s first stage


United Launch Alliance couple days ago sign a contract to use this engines on first stage Vulcan rocket.


Big fan of big mach diamonds.


After reading a bit of this staged combustion cycle rocket engines I then realized that BE-4 and
Raptor it’s a very different beasts. Although they are both LCH4 / LOX engines.
Btw BE-4 has a very interesting spec. Life span 25 (at least) launch/descent cycles. It’s very important from the reuse abilities perspective. And what’s very interesting that Raptor has higher pressure in combustion chamber than BE-4. So more stress on materials. As far as I know they are currently using SX300 Inconel alloys or even started with SX500 as Elon said. Inconel alloys are basically nickel/chromium with some Fe, Mo, Nb, Ta, Co, Mn, Cu and so on. I just hope materials engineers will find a solution for Raptor. And we will see even better launch/descent cycles life span.