Astrophotography/Astronomy, lets share our work!


This year I really got into shooting the Milky Way, ISS & Hubble passes and now the Magellanic Clouds ! I love to share my work and teach and learn from others and thought this would be a great place for it! If I could ever help out the show in any way possible I’d love to know :slight_smile:

So here is my favourite of recent shots and if you’d like to see more you can find me at , I look forward to hearing any comment and seeing your work!

Most recently the 2 Magellanic Clouds from my backyard! Timelapse coming soon!

Thanks all!


The eclipse in OR.

what it looked like on the ground during the eclipse.

taken with my phone up to the eyepiece on my telescope

Old photo taken with one of my first digital cameras up to an eyepiece of a telescope.

I don’t think I quite have the equipment or patience to take the really nice nebulae pictures that people really into astrophotography can get… which is why I’ve been trying to paint them. I think I’m starting to get pretty darn close with that.

Glitter… paint… and a tad bit of photo manipulation. (I’m aware there aren’t green stars in reality… I could edit them to a different color… but I think I’m going to keep them as it sets my paintings ever so slightly apart from reality)


Awesome! I can’t wait to get an adapter to connect my DSLR to my telescope. I’ll be saving for a tracking mount soon to try for the nebulae shots!

I caught the ISS passing under the Milky Way back in September, a shot I’ve wanted for a long time!


Seeing the Magellanic clouds makes me homesick - thanks for sharing :slight_smile: So many gems to be seen from the southern hemisphere.
Here’s one of M51 I took using the Twitter activated Burke Gaffney observatory’s robotic telescope. I usually shoot comets.


Wow that’s an awesome shot! I can’t wait to get my rig set up and complete to shoot some deep sky objects down here :slight_smile:

The ISS is my favourite right now. I caught this the other night :blush:


My first image of the Great Orion Nebula :grin:


Astrophotography? Oh hell yes:

Comet C/2015V2 Johnson through my Explore Scientific Comet Hunter reflector.

M16, The Eagle Nebula, also through the Comet Hunter

The Waning Crescent Moon through my StellarVue 4" Doublet refractor.

A long exposure with my Canon T2i of a rare clear sky at Vandenberg, with the lights of SLC-3 illuminating the Atlas V 541 that would carry NROL-42 into orbit, and a strip of Milky Way above it.


Awesome shots Jared! I have been trying go get some shots of comet 46P the last few nights. I’ll probably wait again until it’s at its brightest for more shots. But this is what I got last night

Planning on some Moon shots with my new 300mm lens once it’s up in the sky again!