Asking for coders?


Hey. Watching a recent TMRO vid I heard someone say “…if you can code…”. Thought I’d put my hand up.

I’m not great. Mostly I just piss about because I like it, it’s fun. But it would be nice to make all this pissing about useful to someone.

At the moment I’m on a JavaScript bender after being on a CSS frameworks bender. I’m currently doing a short course on the side of Object Oriented JavaScript. Interesting stuff playing with prototypical inheritance and related topics if that means anything to you.

I feel like I’ve got a handle on the Document Object Model enough to play with front end functionality though I have not yet really played with making requests and handling responses, but, I get the basic idea.

My next course of study is intended to be server side JavaScript with Node.js

All of which is a terribly long way of saying I’m not confident but maybe I can do something. [shrugs]

I did see @Bencredible had posted “Looking for SEO Volunteers”. I don’t know if that has been resolved but I’ll make comment there because I have some information that may be useful.


Absolutely! We have a couple of projects right now, but also just created this post with my most important project: