Apollo 11 Command Module Rubber Duck


This is a question for the TMRO Community.

So - I’m thinking about doing a Kickstarter. A Bath-Companion for us space-nerds. That’s right. An Apollo 11 Command Module Rubber Duck.

It would cost about 20 USD. (excl. Shipping).

Launching a Kickstarter-Campaign entails a lot of hard work and the decision to do one should not be taken lightly, I hear.
This is me, considering it.

What do you think:

  • I’d buy one.
  • No, thank you.

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This would really help me a lot reaching a verdict.
If the TMRO Community can’t warm up to the idea of recreating the Apollo 11 Landing in the comfort of ones own sanitary area, I’m thinking nobody can.

Thank you so much for your participation in advance!




Cute idea, but maybe $20 is a bit much?

If nothing else, you could sell the vertex model on turbosquid or something.

:thinking: … gonna need to sell rescue vessels too. :motor_boat: :speedboat:



Over twenty views and not a single vote. Not gonna lie - that hurt.
Then again, not voting probably is an answer in itself.

Thanx for the input Faulx.



Well, it’s not that I wouldn’t buy one… just not at the price :wink: … so I didn’t feel like either answer applied to me.

Sorry the community here couldn’t help you better mate. Hope that wont discourage you from making more cool models.



@tanner, the gigantic, globe-spanning, highly popular forum at NSF would give you significantly more eyeballs and visibility. Go ahead and register there, look first, find the right section, then start to poke your toes in to test the water.

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Thank you for the support Faulx.
As mass production isn’t an option I won’t be able to get the price much lower than that I think. Especially since I wasn’t planing on making any money on it. This “project” simply started because I believed in the awesomeness of the idea and my friends seemed to agree. The plan is to break even and to walk away with the satisfaction that comes with a successful kickstarter-project - hopefully.

Awesome suggestion Freda. Thank you so much. I’ll get right on that.

Wish me luck.



Hi Tanner,

I like your creativity. Keep it up. You did yourself right by bringing it up with fellow space nerds. I shower. I don’t take baths.

Instead of an Apollo Duckie … perhaps Soap Apollo. Instead of soap-on-rope, perhaps have parachutes on the Apollo Soap. These can be used in a shower. :wink: How about soap Dragon, Crew Dragon, Soyuz :flushed:, Gemini, a tiny Mercury :see_no_evil:, collect them all!

Just thinking out loud.



Hmm, that could be more economical too, you would only have to 3d print one model and then pour a negative mold over it which you could use over and over again to make the soap.



Maybey a kickstarter more useful like emf blockers :blush:



Thanx JohnnySpacer!
I like the idea. Then again, novelty soaps tend to quickly degrade into a “raiders of the lost arc face-melt scenario” after the first few uses.
The idea of offering other capsules like the dragon, I’ll definitely consider. If there’s a demand for it of course.

@Faulx: I think I explained it poorly. The prototype I 3d printed. The vinyl toy will be cast.

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@tanner nice! I hope this provides you with more visibility!



Spacecraft Soap-on-a-Parachute would be more novelty than real use. I could see such items being sold in stores in museums, science centers, space centers, NASA visitor centers, TMRO store, among others.