A possible goodbye to the Opportunity Rover - Orbit 12.04


While the Opportunity rover isn’t officially dead yet, at this point engineers seem to be struggling to get communications restored. It’s possible there could be a eureka moment, but for now Oppy remains silent. We chat about our favorite Opportunity Science, Moments and even enjoy the launch itself.

This week we also chat about Stratolaunch history and Future (by way of community vote), Blue Origin Test Flights and Onboard Science and the recent higher-resolution picture of Ultima Thule from New Horizons.



No shut down for us


After hearing @jaredhead mention the twin version C5 Galaxy that was proposed for carrying the shuttle I did some quick googling and found some cool stuff!

Also there was a twin version of the B-52 proposed to carry shuttle and many other large cargo. Conroy Virtus - Wikipedia

I would have loved to see any of these fly!


Old commie designs


It’s the C… High Five! :pray:… Galaxy


:joy: @Faulx that’s perfect!

I just came across this one from: soviet space shuttle | False Steps
Another HighFive :pray:

I kinda just want an abundance of airlaunch systems now…


Israeli moon mission

Dusty oppy

Last pic

Russian design