A combination of liquid and gas


Unable to watch live today. While I wait for todays episode to be posted, I stepped back in time, and watched this interesting TMRO SpacePod from 2015 about why there is no cold beer in space.



Wow! I’m so young! Thanks for sharing, it was good to get a reminder of what I used to create!

But seriously, this SpacePod needed more pictures!!! Gah.



What’s this? Food in the lab! Tsk.

I’m still trying to resolve that conflict… “not supposed to have alcohol” vs “magically had a supply of brandy”…
“Whew, good thing there’s all this brandy in the, uh… ‘medical kit’… for ‘stress-relief’… yeah.”



Very valid point. I was breaking the rules here! In fact, I used to film my SpacePods very late on a Tuesday night (like 9pm onwards) so that the Lab would be empty. Mostly because I never asked permission to film, but also so I wouldn’t disturb or be disturbed by anyone.