7/24/19 Space News | Catching up on Launches and NASA's Artemis Shakeups

This week we take a few minutes to catch up on launches and tests. We also have some updates on how ISRO is looking to help scope out water for a NASA Project Artemis Lunar landing site as well as shakeups in the NASA Administration ranks themselves. Also, we want to welcome Manju to Space News! If you would like to continue the conversation we have a few great ways to do that: - Comment right here on TMRO Community, or leave a comment on YouTube. We’ll comment back or even feature it in the show!

Congratulations on a solid, compelling News segment. A new correspondent!! I do not recall seeing Manju before. Great! I also really like the Departure board near 5:05, and… (you thought no one was noticing) the empty slots for Lunar and Mars departures.

Just a thought: With as much criticism we’ve all heard of SLS and NASA over the last years, I am a little surprised to see people (in various space-forums) seemingly shocked or critical of Gerst being replaced. It is quite typical to reassign the person at the top of the pyramid when things aren’t going right. So I, for one, am not surprised at this. Bridenstine seems to be doing a positive job re-energizing NASA (you know, changing the culture, pushing on wheels to overcome the stationary inertia, etc) and executive replacements are part of the recipe needed to drive success. Any thoughts?