2019/08/07 Space News | Rocket Lab announces reusability as SpaceX Catches a Fairing

A compelling, solid segment, with a good range of space-geek-satisfying information. That new correspondent Jami sure looks familiar. :grinning:

It seems the Rocket Lab booster entry will be extra hot because there is no entry-burn to slow it down. I guess lots of thermal protection will be needed? Yes, the helicopter catching is probably the easiest part of that whole process.

Good historical info on Shuttle Enterprise. Some of that was new to me, and interesting. A good topic to include!

And Tamitha talking about the impact of Space Weather on future manned exploration. Yep, that hard radiation will have to be dealt with. How?

ULA Vulcan production pictures. Very nice.

Fairing recovery. Does it look like Ms Tree is stationary, or reversing? Hmmm… hard to tell. JRTI is rounding the Panama Canal, and will be in Port Canaveral soon, so a double-fairing-capture is possible soon! Yikes.

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Silly me… JTRI catches boosters, not fairings. It is the new vessel Ms. Chief that just slid into Port Canaveral that will enable a double fairing capture.

It took me forever to realise Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief are meant to be pronounced as Mystery and Mischief

I was today years old when I realized that.