2018 Cosmic Wrapup - Orbit 11.50


Mike, Cariann, Jared, Jade, Benjamin and the community of TMRO take a look back at our favorite cosmic events of 2018 and look froward to 2019.

Launch Minute:

  • Electron | ELaNa 19
  • Soyuz ST-A | CSO 1
  • GSLV Mk.2 | GSAT 7A
  • Long March 11 | Hongyun-1

Space News:

  • 2018 in review
  • Looking forward to 2019
  • New Horizons and Ultima Thule are about to get REAL CLOSE
  • Astronomers find most distant Solar System body to date
  • Soyuz MS-09 Crew makes it home Safe
  • Faint glow generated by galaxy clusters helps map dark matter



Martian colonist


this would be a wonderful place to post those witch broom videos Mike mentioned… Please.



Hmm, Roscosmos wants to do 45 launches this year. TMRO may need to switch to a “Launch Hour”, to keep up with everyone…


Notice how they include south American launches as theirs making a bigger total for the year


Makes sense from an operational perspective… basically they’re saying, “our space agency can handle this much workload”.