12.01 New format


I wanted to start a place for people to react to the new show format. I got the impression in the chat that most people were in favor, so I’ll probably be the odd one out, but here we go…

So, I wasn’t super a fan of the show today, but I’m not sure if it was the format or what. I watched the 2014MU69 livestream and I had kind of the same feeling, where there’s a lot of … sort of meta conversation, conversation with other social media presences and such, instead of actually bringing in information from scientists and engineers and participants. So part of that frustration extends here, where there was really no interesting new information. But also I’ve been super in-tune with space stuff over the past week, so maybe there wasn’t a chance of anything seeming new to me anyway. In terms of the format itself, it felt a little bit too freeform for my taste – I missed having some of the structure of a few specific stories, especially from folks like Jared and Sarah who often bring in stories that aren’t always the Top Headlines. The lack of tech didn’t really matter to me either way, as I never felt any issue with hosts being too much in their devices. I’m definitely open to being wrong about this, though, and I’ll be very interested to see this format with a more traditional guest interview.


@kmccoy, believe me, yes I totally understand your view.

From my own perspective, I ingest space news from multiple sources:
https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/ including their compelling, dynamic Forum

And often I wander out to:
plus a dozen more…

Then I very carefully sidle through two Reddit threads:

So my diet of pure space news is filled that way.

But then (and this is the key part) when I want to casually “geek-out over a beer”, communicate with like-minded people, listen to opposing views and generally celebrate space achievement the only place I know to go is TMRO (both Live shows and Community Forums).

In my view, the panel discussion format is good for that; geeking-out with like-minded people (technical and verbal hiccups and all). The new year 24-hour stream was a sleep-depriving example of a panel discussion on a larger scale, and sits firmly in my top list of fun space-events so far in 2019.

This is just me saying this, so please just take it as that; TMRO should probably not attempt to re-produce space (or science) news that is already available from many, many, many other sources. But… to talk space with friends, and to have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion, I go to TMRO.

Again, this is just me, but I think the TMRO Directors are well on their way to finding the right recipe (just add more spices and cooking).

That said… when appropriate, I do feel there is always room in TMRO for things like:

  • guests who are true engineers/scientists in the field
  • live roving reporters (conferences, events)
  • news-desk talking heads
  • revert to the previous news+interview+comments format as it fits the topics
  • pre-recorded blurbs
  • pro-active (better) engagement of the hologram-guest throughout the show
  • partnerships with others who can offer a special flavor
  • additional holograms (from other global regions involved in space)
  • etc…

So yes, I totally understand your view. I myself have been sucked into the TMRO vortex not necessarily by seeing it as a pure news source, but instead as a group of friendly people who talk about the same kinds of things I’m interested in.

What do other people think? And @kmccoy, I am interested in more of your view.

(Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with TMRO. I’m just an interested party who types too-long forum messages, and a space-geek who accidentally found TMRO a couple years ago).


@Freda Another great post. Both views have valid points. I think the go back to talking heads for certain topics or prerecords (space pods and super space pods) is an interesting idea. I do however fall in the love the new format group and believe the kinks will shake out.


I am good with the new format because it is unique. It is like a chatroom come to life. Half directed half freeform! This is good and I am sure will evolve since Ben is alway changing things …


My one critic is the permanent wide angle view. I can’t see faces well in this wide angle view, and they begin to look more like various smiley faces. If, from time to time, the camera (or another camera) focuses in on someone who is speaking, that will go a long way to break up the visual monotony. :slight_smile:


Things to include or discuss


A good example of friends sitting around a table speaking about their favorite subject is The Five on Fox News. Love them or hate them this show’s format, I believe, is what TMRO is striving for.


Keep launch minute it’s actually really good

Iran’s planning a launch



I think the launch minute should come back. It is a great summary of the past week’s news.

I might be one of the few who wanted more news, less chat if they were to change the format. I do like the casual chat as a segment, just not the whole show.

Change is hard!


I think launches should be addressed somehow during the show, but i understand that launch minute kinda distort new conversational format…


I miss the launch minute. There should be a couple of minutes time for that, especially if its a special payload mission or rocket. :rocket: