Category Topics


This is the main Space category for TMRO. All content in this category should be space related in some way. They don’t have to be tied directly to a show, but anything not related to the cosmos will be moved out of here.


Discussion about TMRO, the shows, community and anything we are doing right or wrong

Off Topic

This is a catch call category for anything not space, science or tech related. Feel free to talk about anything you like here. Disneyland, Plants, Walt Disney World, Cars, Disney, Personal Accomplishments, or even Disney Parks!

TMRO Show and Features Development

Any details related to TMRO format updates, new features on the web site or chat room or anything else that is directly related to the actual show production will end up in this category.


This is the main category for Technology. Feel free to post anything tech related in this category as well as any ideas for the future TMRO:Tech show.


This is the main Science category for the site. Please keep conversations on-topic with a science related theme. They don’t need to be directly tied to a show but should contain some form of science in them. Any non-related posts will be moved out of this category.